Jun 15, 2024

Discovery| Mandatory or Voluntary to Vaccinate?

Discovery health

Discovery seems to be on the headlines on a daily basis, with the recent decision they came to, commanding all their employees to get vaccinated or face losing their jobs.

After months of vaccination rollouts underway, employees fear losing their jobs after employers threatened to terminate contracts if they refuse to vaccinate. Discovery is currently winning the race when it comes to such threats from employers.

The company has ordered all their staff to get vaccinated, stating that they are just following the company’s policy, which is driven by a moral and social obligation to make people healthier. Now this statement from Discovery got twitter outlets buzzing, questioning Discovery as to whether they have different policies to misdirect clients.

On their Website, Discovery clearly states, it is not mandatory to get vaccinated an they will not be held liable for any negative outcomes one comes across after vaccination. Therefore this leaves people wondering will they still be covered or not by the insurer.

Discovery stating they will not be liable

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