Jun 22, 2024

Dineo Ranaka | “OpenIDWithDineo” Podcast


Dineo Ranaka does not shy away from the Entertainment industry and after Solomon said on Heavy Hitters during his interview that Podcast is going far and is the new age on the entertainment industry, Ranaka proved it’s possible. With already 788 subscribers and not yet with the first episode, Dineo has got Mzansi glued to the thriller.

The radio presenter on Thursday 17 March, made the announcement on her social handles about her very own podcast set to showcase it’s first episode on 06 April at 15:00pm. With only a one minute long clip, a taste of what’s to be expected, fans are going crazy and ready to hear what really went on between Dineo and Blaklez, a former partner of the podcastor.

From the clip and and name of the show, it looks like the podcasts evolves around Dineo’s personal life and the drama it comes with. Everyone who knows Dineo knows drama is there. She was recently trending for the Umlando dance challenge where she was suspended for dancing on top of the work furniture but thanks to her co-workers doing the same, she was brought back behind the mic.

Not so long also she was on the red list of many when she publicly verbally bullied her partner, which many labelled as Gender Based Violence against men. Her actions on the day angered many of her fans and many more, who say she proved many right about her violent behaviour. And now having the first Episode be about his former partner and baby daddy got her fans bouncing.

On the comment section they say the relationship was rather a curious one that had the media attention. Many have questions which they say they hope will be answered. The graphic work on the podcast is also recieving praises left right and centre, and comparison to Podcast and Chill with MacGe.