Apr 16, 2024

Dikeledi Galedzana | Alexander Youth Running For Ward Councillor

“History today leaves no blank space” Those are the words of a 26 year old Dikeledi Galadzane, who is running for ward councillor in alexander, for ward 75

“History today leaves no blank space” Those are the words of a 26 year old Dikeledi Galedzana, who is running for ward councillor in alexander, for ward 75 as an independent candidate.

Galedzana is one of the youth who is for empowering the youth and everyone within her community. Born and bred in Alex, she aims to be the change, not sit on the side-line as she watches the youth parish due to unemployment, to not let substance abuse derail them from achieving the goals set for themselves.

The politically driven young woman is running for ward councillor to reach beyond the means she is currently managing to do. She is currently offering food parcels on a daily basis, helping families have proper meals throughout the month. Galedzana reaches out to help more and more every day, she has responded to calls to come and assist where facilities got burned, she provides meals and utilities to help them get by. But for her all this is not enough.

The independent candidate is always on her feet when it comes to helping her community, when problems occur in her community, she does not sit down and wait for the issue to pass but rather stands and solve the issue. Her plea is for the youth to also join her in changing the community and “fight for the future they want to see, the future which is current now.” She said one can change their lives despite what anyone else says, if one has faith in themselves, they can change the situation they are in.

Galedzana has a lot of projects she’s currently working on and for her next project, she will be setting up a mini seminar which will be targeted to register and help with applications, working with NSFAS and to also talk about the upcoming elections and explain to the people the necessity of it. She wants to empower her people to not say she will feed them forever but to also offer them skills to also help others.

Dikeledi Galedzana wants more youth to come out and understand but also tackle the world of politics. She want to fight until she reaches the presidency level, she wants to show her people that you don’t need to be led only by political parties who seem to not give the youth a chance to make the decisions.

Galedzana wants to indicate that an independent candidate can run and provide for the people, she aims to concur more and more and to one day be the youngest in the presidency and on the same table for decision making. If you want to know who Galedzana is, you will find her in the heart of Alexander giving out food parcels, working with the youth or standing up to leaders to help the people.

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