Jun 22, 2024

Diepsloot Shut Down


South Africa is fighting against high crimes each and everyday, it seems as though diepsloot has also become a hotspot for crime, where community members are allegedly killed everyday.

Crime suspect are allegedly entering people’s home by force, holding guns and pangas. Community leaders released a memorandum in meeting with SAPS and the office of the MEC on Monday stating the crimes taking place in the community but the meeting went north, that’s when the leader within different structures met again on the 4th to decide on the Diepsloot shut down.

This transpired after the incidents where on Saturday night on 02 April 2022, allegedly 7 people were killed and 14 others sustained injuries. Amongst those dead are women, children and men. The brutal killings have been happening since December 2021 with allegations made that the crimes are said to be cause by foreign nationals whom are in the country illegally.

The criminals are said to do breakins, caring pangas and guns demanding electronics, jewelleries, and money. If you fail to be submissive towards them its either they rape or kill you. Back in 2020 Minister Bheki Cele visited diesploot following the unrest. He made promises to deploy more police officers and more vehicles. The same problem complained before, are those that the community ended with a ‘diepsloot Shutdown strike’, as the community feels as though the local police are failing them, after no arrest for several crimes has allegedly not been made.

The community of Diepsloot say illegal immigrants must be removed from the township, including removal of all Nigerian Gold Exchange shops around the Township, after allegations surface that they contribute in drugs selling. Minister Bheki cele was speaking to the crowd accompanied by premier David Mkahura, he mentioned that there will be more detectives hired involving unsolved murder cases, additional ten police patrol vehicles from this evening, meaning there will be 16 vehicles to patrol in the community, TRT to stay longer, on Friday the minister will come back together with Dr Aaron Motsoaledi the minister of Home Affairs to deal with the undocumented foreigners matters.