Jun 18, 2024

Department of Education Engaging with Tirelong Secondary Parents

North West Department of Education held an all day opportunity for parents to question the department regarding the saga surrounding Tirelong Secondary School.

Tirelong Secondary experience a traumatic scenario of abduction of 162 learners during the month from drunk individuals who pretended to be parents. Learners were forcefully removed from their classes by the individuals and transported into five groups dropping them off near their homes.

On Tuesday the department have parents the opportunity to ask questions and raise their concerns. Parents requested the department give them the strategy or plan they have currently on the table and how learners can be protected from such events ever occuring.

MEC Maphefo informed the parents on how the aim was to not strain parents with unnecessary budget of taking the leaders to new schools and having to purchase new uniforms. In this case The MEC made mentions on how all costs are handled by her, food, toiletries, boarding fees and many other utilities that require finances, including new uniform, leaving the parents to not spend anything.

On matters of security the MEC says security officials have been increased and they are working with the SAPS to ensure the learners safety. Upon closing parents were urges to keep in mind that learners deserve the education they are getting and to allow them to go to school and complete their studies.

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