Jul 20, 2024

Denise Zimba Celebrates Wedding in Stellenbosch

Denise Zimba

Cape Town had the right weather to help Denise Zimba say her vows. The actress and musician made the announcement with a beautiful sunrise on a greener pastures at the Blaauwklippen Wine Estate Stellenbosch.

“Today is my Wedding Day … it’s finally here! I have been seeing a flood of my family and friends coming in from around the world, and I can’t express enough how excited I am. I’m so grateful. A big thank you to everyone,” wrote Denise on her Instagram.

Pearl Modiadie was one of the well known names that made appearance as they were colleagues on radio, and both presenters. Denise Zimba got married to Jakob Schlichtig, the father of her daughter. Zimba was away in overseas, came back not so long ago with a single “Thobela”

Mrs Schlichtig walked on the Isle with daughter and husband after saying her vows, the couple is said to look alike as though they are related, however the wedding was beautiful and blessed to have seen the sunrise of Cape Town.