May 24, 2024

Noodles Brand Allegedly Associated With Deaths Still on Shelves Selling

Not so long ago an alert was sent out that noodles are deadly and have claimed the lives of four children, three who were siblings and one of the four situated at a different province.

The shocking story came forth when more came forward complaining of noodles lending them in hospital. A year ago a toddler also died at daycare, and the teacher mentioned they only gave the toddler noodles that the parent had packed in the backpack.

A petition was recently up on the internet started by Thato Majola for signing, calling on the Department of Health to take the incident seriously, initiate a product recall for the brands involved, conduct an inspection visit  to the factories and gather information on what could be the problem. Majola has mention of seeking justice for the children who died from consuming the noodles and for the Department of Health to make a public announcement reminding people about the deadly product.

The story that raised an alarm and got reported is as follows: “A family in the Eastern Cape is in distress following the deaths of their little children. According to reports, an 11 year old girl was sent to buy a packet of instant noodles from a shop in New Brighton, upon returning she enjoyed the noodles with her siblings not knowing that might be their last meal.

A few hours later the children travelled back from the grandmother’s home to their mother in Motherwell, where they started feeling ill. The 11 year old complained of nausea, while the 7 year old sibling cried of stomach cramp and nausea. The children including a 4 month old baby, died on their way to clinic, all dying in one sad tragedy. Police are investigating.”

Since the signing of the petition, people expressed their disappointment in the Department after it was discovered that the noodles are still being sold and were even included on the Black Friday Deals of last week. One person went on Facebook, sharing on how she was hospitalised after ingesting the Maggie 2 Minute Noodles, experienced nausea and dizziness from eating the noodles.

When comments flocked it demanding for more information, the probed user confirmed she purchased the packet from Pick n Pay during Black Friday. The confession dismisses the myth that the contamination only comes from rogue factories and stores owned by foreign nationals. Majola and many others are calling for a total recall of noodles until the government has findings as to what is cause behind all the deaths and sickness.