Jun 15, 2024

David Tlale | Hashtag Save Zozi From Dress Created


South African Model Zozi Tunzi will be hosting the Bridgerton Affair, her 400 guests to the soiree. David Tlale had the honours to make the dress for Zozi and represent South Africa both ways.

The dress left twitter divided With some saying it is the worst thing to put Zozi in while others feel Tlale knew and understood the theme, giving Zozi the fitted look to host. But also it was her facial expressions during the dress fitting and mini photoshoot that gave many the idea that she hated the dress.

Fans say she didn’t look comfortable or rather thrilled to fit the dress and pose, how will she feel infront of her 400 guests who will be dressed differently. They went as far as calling the material, a curtain.

The Bridgerton Affair season 2 premier (trail) is out, fans of the Netflix series are looking forward to the season 2. The Bridgerton Affair, Love Doesn’t Play By The Rules.