Apr 16, 2024

DA John Steenhuisen Argues on Food Prices


The leader of the Democratic Alliance John Steenhuisen on 17 March 2022 at the National Assembly, argued on the matter of food prices being ridiculously unacceptable and unjust to the poor society of South Africa.

Covid-19 may have had a negative impact to the economy and livelihoods of this country, however the positivity that came from it is how many in the high level of government saw the exploitation going on towards the poor society and the abandonment that came with it. One factor that was ignored for years during committee meetings, is food prices.

John Steenhuisen during the committee meeting, addressed the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa, about the high prices of essential foods. He says billionaires are not aware of how much the essential food items costs and how high the prices have gone. “We’ll I’m sure billionaires don’t do their own shopping but I can tell you.” he said.

According to the report he read, cooking oil has give up by 28%, sugar 6.6%, meat 8.2%, vegetables 8.6% and Pilchard tin fish by 5%. The DA leader says a price drop to R16 on petrol, scrapping of the sugar tax and lifting of vat on meat and chicken, will Bring an immediate relief on poor South Africans.

Recognizes supermarkets are selling Combos at an affordable price just as Shoprite, have combos worth R350 containing essential food items for poor families to live by. People are asking for the President to not let South Africa be like Zimbabwe when it comes to food prices and essential needs.