DA Calls on Residents of Cape Town to Reject Operation Dudula


The Democratic Alliance in Cape Town, calls on residents to reject and stand against Operation Dudula extending its branch in the province. Dudula launched a new branch in Cape Town on Saturday.

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The Operation Dudula movement is currently on a nationwide campaign, after they extended out their movement in KwaZulu Natal and North West, accompanied by the group “Put South Africa First” movement, in the fight to seek out undocumented migrants and put South Africans first. Although the group has lowered its media appearance, it seems as though they are still on a mission clean south Africa.

The DA on the other hand, pleads community members of Cape Town,  to stand against the extension of the operation into the city. The movement has said they wil be making their way through other provinces across South Africa, seeing that every province cries of the same problems, it being drug dealing and illegal migrants who do not abide by the laws of the country.