May 28, 2024

Cyril Ramaphosa Q&A | Eskom related questions may take over

On Thursday afternoon 11 May, President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to appear before Members of Parliament, where’s expected to answer given questions. It is nonetheless expected that questions relating to Eskoms loadshedding, will take dominion at the National Assembly.

Two days prior, Ramaphosa appealed a court ruling that allows hospitals and schools to permanently have electricity. It is said it will take a very long time to separate the hospital, clinic and others, it’s electrical grid from the rest of the country. While other understand and accept the appeal, many have looked at it as the president who doesn’t prioritize needs.

Inflation has gone up again, with petrol prices expected to increase again. During the National Assembly, it is without anticipation that MPs will demand cleared breakdown as to why the country is in constant loadshedding stage 8.

Maimane issued a statement suggested just as much as Ramaphosa and other Ministers can live without experiencing loadshedding, the same could be done for the poor.