May 24, 2024


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Transnet experience an alleged cyber hack on Thursday, this causes a traffic jam in Durban and Richard Bay as these two-port containers were still to recover from looting riots.

Transnet cyber hack has caused them to shut down their online website to investigate the attack and protect against another financial burden.

A statement was released by Transnet, regarding the alleged cyber-attack where it stated that it “is currently experiencing a disruption in some of its IT applications and the source of this problem is being identified”.

Transnet said their container terminals are not currently operational, “as the NAVIS (Navy Automated Video Information System) system on the trucking side has been affected”. It has also added that “All business continuity plans have been activated. Operations across the group are continuing, with the freight rail, pipelines, engineering, and property divisions reporting normal activity,” said Transnet on their statement.

Since the hack has caused them, a system jam a solution was issued by the state owned logistic, “The Ports Authority continues to operate, and vessels moving in and out of the ports are being recorded manually. Customers have been made aware of the disruption and are being engaged throughout the process, they are working to get the systems up and running again”, said Transnet.

The Cape Town Harbour Carriers Association gave a statement about the issue when questioned during an interview with news24 where they said that their port operating systems were “cyber attacked”, and no cargo will be moved until the problem is solved.

transnet business
Image: Kevin Sutherland, Bloomberg
    • 3 years ago


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