May 28, 2024

Curro Somerset West Cyber Bullying -video


Cosas threatens to shutdown Curro Somerset West following the reports of alleged cyber bullying and racism happening at the school between two female students.

Curro stated that they cannot divulge much as the particular incident happened after hours and outside school premises, according to Curro it was an isolated incident between two students and the school has offered counselling to the affected parties, though the school also stated that they cannot confirm if the alleged bully has been suspended.

The affected student has not been to school for the past two weeks, the family has appointed a lawyer to represent them. The lawyer stated that her client’s daughter was cyber bullied by fellow grade 9 student. The bully kept sending the threatening and intimidating voice messages to the victim.

According to Curro the students are of the same race, as they dismissed the race card from the incident and stated it as strictly only cyber bullying.

The school has promised to deal wth the perpetrator, Cosas staged a march to the school with an attempt to shutdown the school if the school does not suspend and deal with the bully. The police had to intervene in the matter.

According to rumours there is a video of the incident that is yet to come out in public, the video of the confrontation between the bully and the victim outside the school premises