Jul 20, 2024

Covid19 | Vaccination kicks off for 18 years and older


With South Africa’s health department trying to get as many South Africans vaccinated, in order to slow down the spread of Covid19, the newly elected cabinet released a statement on Thursday.

A vaccination starting date, has been released for Friday 20 Aug, for the criteria age group of South Africans 18 years and older . This decisions comes after the health department came to discover after statistics reveal, that the number of South Africans going for their vaccinations have dropped rapidly.  After the sitting of the cabinet, a statement was released that due to the findings, the plan is to increase the  vaccination rollout programme, they are to start vaccinating the youth between ages of eighteen years and older.

A target for vaccinating 70% of the adult population before the end of the year, has been set by the health department, their target to beat sits at 29 million South African adults vaccinated. After taking a look at their stats, only 10% of the 70% target has taken the vaccine.

South Africans seem to be becoming more and more hesitant to take the vaccine, prior reports of residents dying after taking  the vaccination got reported a month ago. Employers are starting to urge their employees to get vaccinated, some are even threatening to eliminate workers who have not vaccinated or refuse to take the vaccine.

Regardless of the setback observed from the vaccination stats, cabinet approved to keep the country on the adjusted alert level 3 Lockdown . First corona virus case has been reported in the Paralympic Village. Paralympics are set for Tuesday 24 August 2021.

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