Jul 20, 2024

Counterfeit Bathu products on sale in Johannesburg


A bunch of counterfeit Bathu shoes were spotted on sale in a store in Small Street in Johannesburg with pictures surfacing on Social media on Thursday, 07 October 2021.

The clothing brand since been founded in 2015 by owner and entrepreneur, Theo Baloyi, is known for its stylish and colourful unique sneakers which have propelled it’s growth to now having 30 operational stores all over the country, however, counterfeit sneakers of the brand have hit the market since it was first reported in 2019 and now more have been spotted as recently as Yesterday with pictures floated on social media showing sale prices at R130.

According to multiple reports, The Brand / store were first made aware of their imitated/counterfeit products being sold to consumers by unnamed outlets and individuals in 2019 with the store releasing a statement on their official facebook page condemning the distribution of counterfeit Bathu products labelling it as ‘criminal behaviour’.

“It has come to our attention that there are a number of individuals and outlets that are distributing imitations of Bathu. We are working hard at always being a step ahead of this type of criminal behaviour. There are a number of large brands that have had to deal with this unfortunate issue, that will continue to exist and tamper with any thriving business,” Bathu stated in the statement. Bathu could not be reached for a comment on the continued distribution of imitated Bathu sneakers.

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