Could South Africa be facing another Unrest Post Zuma’s Appeal?

Jacob Zuma's

The shock came when numerous explosives were found hidden at a house in KZN for suspected ATM bombings. Speculations are doing rounds as to this is in regards or related to Zuma possibility of returning to prison.

Earlier in the week Former President Jacob Zuma headed back to court, after it was alleged and announced by the High Court in Pretoria that his medical parole was unlawful. This decision got many south Africans worked up on it, questioning the court’s decision as to whether or not they are not aware of his medical result or seen the former President of late.

As of today, ammunition were found stashed at a house with the suspicion of ATM bombings due to take place, after police acted on a tip off sent out. SA has not politely reacted to this finding, relating it to Zuma’s appeal saying people who the explosives belong to,  are probably waiting for the final reading with the court and cause yet another unrest, once the former president gets sent back to prison.

With sudden reaction from SA residents, such action did not come as a shock, however many are worried for a possible unrest and the damage it will cause, with many businesses still recovering from the previous July unrest and the Omicron Covid-19 variant that seem to be spreading fast infecting fully vaccinated people, including the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa.

Whether or not the former presidents application for leave to appeal the adverse medical parole ruling, is expected on Tuesday. The high Court of Pretoria has declared the decision to place former president on medical parole as unlawful, it also set out an order that he be returned to serve the rest of his 15 month sentence for contempt of court.

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