Jun 15, 2024

Community members of Ga-Sekgopo village raise concerns over neglected stadium


We have been coming across reports that layouts the mismanagement of millions in government funds, when it comes building and renovating stadiums in our communities, while at most they are neglected.

Mr Masilo Monyepao has raised his concern over the neglected Ga-Sekgopo Stadium that falls under the Greater Letaba Municipality.  He revealed that it’s the duty of the Greater Letaba Municipality to maintain the Stadium, just as much as they pay the Municipality a booking fee, of R2800 in amount whenever they want to host an eight day soccer tournaments.

“The ward Councillor Mr Prof Masela stays three kilometers away from the stadium but is doing nothing about it.  Let’s look at Ga-Kgapane Stadium for example, there are people working there daily to maintain the Stadium even in Ga-Mokwakwaila.” said Monyepao

The concerned community member further revealed that he and some of the other concerned community members took the matter to the ward Councillor Prof Masela, and instead of listening to their concerns he turned them away. Community members have then decided on writing a memorandum to the municipality regarding the facility, and are willing to give them a deadline of 7 days to respond to their concerns, if not, they will take the matter to the streets and strike.

Another community member has declared the strike useless as the Stadium only operates when there are soccer tournaments in the festive and easter season. “We take time to play there that’s why it is like that, if we hosted top 16 or 32 tournaments for two weeks or more it wouldn’t be like that.” said the community member.

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