May 20, 2024

Commitment | How Far Will You Go To Prove Yourself

Exactly how extreme is your commitment? Will you get her a promise/engagement ring, tattoo their name on your wrist or literally cover almost your whole body with their name. Love can sure make you go to extreme lengths but at what cost?

People have proved to do whatever it takes to prove their love to their partner, unfortunately some went beyond into taking their own life’s to make a point bringing reality to the “I’d die for you” quote. Putting a ring on it like Beyonce said could be the right step to commitment, however a ring can be removed anytime, what about a tattoo of your partners name. Yes you can cover it with another tattoo. But in this case having their name inked all over how do you cover that. What led to the assurance that he or she is the one and the relationship won’t end.

First it’s the pain, are you ready to endure the pain of having their name inked in different fonts and sizes. Living with the mark or reminder for the rest of your life, one would need to have courage and be brake to show off the tattoo in public, you wouldn’t wanna be mocked by friends and family for the decision taken.

Obsession is also a factor to be viewed when going to such extreme lengths. An obsession which is overboard or overwhelming to others, may be a result of mental illness, which signifies danger to yourself and to others around you, most especially those you love the most. It’s okay to prove your love and commit to your partner, however it is not healthy if your way may scare off or endanger your loved ones.

Many relationship have survived and grew stronger without having to take part in going overboard to prove love. There are romantic gestures available to win their love. Picnics, Dinner, candle light indoor picnic, outdoor activities, game nights and many more can express love towards your partner, mainly spending time with your partner and putting efforts in building a future is enough to commit.

You can add your point view on the comment section, or share your story of you went over the top with proving your deepest love to someone.