Jun 22, 2024

Cold front weathers taking over the Autumn Season


Don’t pack away your heaters and blankets as of yet, the cold seems to still be settling in this season. South Africa has been experiencing an odd change in weather this year, with an immense heatwave during winter and now with the cold not going anywhere.

The South African weather services have confirmed with the media that South Africans should expect cold front weather this weekend, starting from Thursday 26 August. The Western side of South Africa will be most affected by the climate change, with Western Cape expecting to see snow fall.

Gauteng has been experiencing showers this week, with Sunday opening the week with heavy rain in most parts of Gauteng, mainly the east and the west of Johannesburg.  The South African Weather Service, has urged residents to take precaution measures to keep safe from the cold, taking into consideration the virus third wave outbreak.

According to mentions on the SAWS statement, there will be strong gusty winds that might cause difficulties for high sided vehicles along major routes, especially over the interior of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, western parts of Free State and western parts of Northwest.  Residents are urged to avoid starting fires in open fields, throwing out cigarettes and matches that are still on. A statement by the SAWS with further information, will be released to the media during the weekend with an update.

    • 3 years ago

    This cold front doesnt wanna leave us out here in pta we facing the most plus this heavy rain. But i guess we welcoming summer nights and days leaving the winter nights and days

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