Jul 20, 2024
Entertainment International

Chris Rock Refuses to Open Assault Case

Chris Rock

Chris Rock refused to open an assault case against the awarded Best Actor Will Smith, who publicly smacked him for a GI Jane joke he made during an opening for an announcement.

Chris Rock recieved a smack from actor Will Smith who unexpectedly walked on stage towards Rock, for a slap everyone first thought was staged. You can hear the crowd laugh and clap hands in confusion after the incident. People took to twitter to honour Rock for not acting up and taking it like a gentleman, while also expressing their disappointment from the crowd and Academy, labeling it as an assault.

The Academy later issued a statement condemning the act from Smith. However that did not stop people from questioning the Academy as to why they let me go back to his seat or not publicly let him apologize to the comedian. They also felt Wills apology after winning was pathetic and fake as they have seen his fake tears before and are used to the emotions he mastered throwing around. Plenty of memes made of the image and videos are trending on all social media platforms.