May 20, 2024

Chris brown congratulates Rihanna on her Child Birth

Chris Brown

Chris Brown posted a message congratulating to Rihanna following the birth of her son, on his Instagram. This led to him trending as tweeps shared their views on the Instagram post and his upcoming album.

Chris Brown has found himself trending for not one but two reasons, one being his album and the second being his controversial Instagram story. People shared that they believe that his post was not genuine, and he used it to mask his true feelings regarding Rihanna pregnancy. However, some people also defended him, saying that he and Rihanna have moved on, and they should as well and that there was nothing wrong in his post.  “I don’t understand how Chris Brown congratulating Rihanna is a problem to some people” @effizzzy said in a tweet.

He is also releasing a new album called “BREEZY” which is set to be released on the 24th of June. His fans are patiently waiting for him to drop what they have been calling a “banger”. This comes from the fact that believes he has been “Giving us consecutive bangers for damn near 20 years” @PresidentCater said in a tweet.