May 24, 2024

Child Molestation Remains Another Form Of Epidemic In South Africa.

Child Molest

A video of a minor who seems to be under 10 years is doing the rounds, giving thorough details on how her father sexually assaults her on a daily basis and how she came to accept and finds it normal.

Child Molestation is a topic that will forever bring forth tears from its upsetting details of scenario. One in five children are victims of sexual abuse in South Africa, representing 19.8% compared to a global average of 18% for girls and 8% for boys.

A video clip of an unknown minor that is currently trending on social media has caught the attention of many, leaving some questioning the kind of a society we live in. The minor explains on how she gets raped by her father 3 times a day, often calling her whenever she’s playing to sexually assault her.

“My father puts his manhood inside my vagina 3 times daily, until  a milk like liquid (sperm) comes out wipes me with a tissue then tells me to go and play with others .”

“After doing the deed I often experience vaginal bleeding, my father has been doing this to me for ages, as I no longer feel any pain in fact I tend to enjoy whenever he’s doing this to me.” She said.

What shock the public is how the child demonstrated the act with no concern in her eyes, indicating how she is still too young to understand what is been done to her should not be happening and is wrong in many ways.

According to the 2019/2020 Annual Crime Statistics report, more than 24,000 children were sexually assaulted in South Africa.


These practices remains a critical challenge in South Africa. The latest crime statistics of 2021 released by the SAPS showed an increase in rapes, domestic violence, and child murders. In just three months (July to September).

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