Apr 18, 2024

Chicken Licken Wins April Fools Day

Chicken Licken

Your order arrives and it’s not what you expected, the plastic and packaging inside, are totally different. Well that’s Chicken Licken for you every April Fool. In 01 April 2021 you ordered wings you get a Chicken Licken plastic with a Nando’s Box written Happy April Fool.

This year 01 April 2022, a group of friends posted a video with a similar prank from the restaurant. Imagine your order arrives and it’s not from the restaurant you ordered. With an angry tone you can hear the friend taking the video say he didn’t order anything from KFC with what looked like a burger box, and Boom it’s soulfire hotwings with a message from chicken Licken ‘Happy April Fool’

Again Chicken Licken takes the win. April Fool has all kinds of tricks and pranks layed on that day but it’s Chicken Licken that takes the cup home. We saw politicians like Herman Mashaba try and joke about Music Maimane joining ANC, the joke didn’t have as much effect but it was Chicken Licken who killed it, if it’s not advertising it’s pranks, their latest marketing ad about Rasta the painter getting a job as a sketcher for the SAPS, killed everyone, the marketing team has plenty of humour to send around.

At this stage we await to see whats next from the hilarious restaurant, the funny adverts Senn on television. You can share your April Fool prank experiences on the comment section or on any of our social media platforms.