Jun 15, 2024

Cassper Nyovest Hourly Reminding Mzansi about Celeb City

Celeb City

You can now call him a man with content. Cassper Nyovest has in a few months, reminded his followers and fans about the up coming Celeb City boxing match every chance he gets. The match is set to take place on 09 April at Sun City Rustenburg against Naak Musiq. They had a one on one PR interview on Wednesday, with the highlight of the PR for fans being the “I’m gonna Naak Musiq out” comment from Nyovest.

The rapper has of late posted about the three day long event, linking it to each and everything happening around him. It was with an online argument about him and AKA over the Braai Show case, where he said AKA should join him for a fight in the boxing ring after his fight with Naak. Then a few days ago when Will Smith Smacked host of the Academy Chris Rock During the 94th Annual Oscars Academy Award ceremony. He commented saying if it was him he will knock the out of the smacker just like he would do on the 9th.

And now the man with a plenty of content, tweeted on how Sun City will be shacking in a few days, and instantly in seconds, Mzansi reacted on the tweet, with “team Naak Musiq” calling him a looser already. They added his all talks and no action.

Don Billiato is rather excited about the upcoming match. Fans question as to what’s their beef that was never made public but those with knowledge, say the event is not about beef as it was with Slik talk but rather involved investors in. The community of North West say they are happy Cassper is bringing the platinum back home. But the line up also raised a few eyebrows with some saying he only involved those within his circle.