Jul 20, 2024

Cass Nailing Marketing Strategy | 09 April 2022


If you are on social media, then you would understand what MacG meant when he said Cassper Nyovest (Cass) sure knows how to work around with Marketing. Since the announcement of the upcoming fight, Nyovest has marketed the event every chance given.

After learning about Ricky Rick’s suicide, many thought the first would be cancelled this King Cass needs to mourn the death of his friend, however a week later he was back with a training video. Guess money does make the world go round. It has been reported the fight is being sponsored and a lot has been invested, making it a “no matter what the show must go on” kind of event.

Slim Talk got to share a ring with Cassper and then promised to never mention his name but like the speaker he is, Slim Talk has not kept Don’t Billiatos name out of his mouth. The YouTube blogger spoke about how Nyovest is unfair for allegedly banning MacG to the fight, “after it was MacG who helped grow the idea by talking about it on all his podcasts.

Only 3 days left and Nyovest has nothing but boxing lines, videos, snaps to post on his social pages. He posted different clips of his training with different trainers, proving when he said he has a trainer for each category, right. Naak Musiq does not post much about the fight but nonetheless, #TeamNaak keeps growing daily.