Jul 20, 2024

Capitec Complaints Flood in Post Naked Woman’s Saga


Not so long ago the twitter world was booming after a video of a naked woman inside the Capitec bank did the rounds.

And now all week long more complaints are flooding in all around social media, with Capitec clients crying out after they have fallen victims to money mysteriously disappearing in their accounts and not getting any help from the bank when complaints are laid out by the clients.

The atmosphere of social media is filled with anger, frustration, rage, you can name them all, coming from Capitec clients who are sharing their stories and shockingly so many testimonies are recent acts that happened in the past few hours. One client said she was transferring an amount of R3000 in her savings account using the Capitec App and when she did not receive a notification because she was near a branch, she decided to go and find out if the transfer went through.

She mentioned on how she was ordered to get an affidavit at the SAPS after it was discovered that the transfer did not go through yet the R3000 was indeed taken from her account. Doing as instructed, the complaining client said she was told her case will be dealt with by the fraud team and will be contacted in 42 hours, weeks gone by still no call, she took it upon herself to enquire on the case and that’s when she was asked for case number and reference and got information that no fraud was discovered with also no foul play from the side of the bank.

However she did not get an explanation out of them as to if they saw the money left the account where did it go since it was proved that she inserted the correct details when transferring the R3000. The client added that she will not let the matter go and continue fighting the bank until she gets her “hard earned money back”

It has been over three hours since the post was up but still more and more complaints are coming through from clients of the bank who say they have gone through similar issues and many saying when they send money vouchers to their loved ones, the voucher is considered invalid when they get to the ATM or to the Supported tellers for cash bank. One client said she even got helped by Shoprite to prove that the voucher has never been claimed fore after the bank told her someone already redeemed the voucher at that very Shoprite store.

With a lot having said they are leaving the bank, some still say they have fallen victims many times, seeked helped with no way forward and decided to let go and let God. It is yet to be discovered if whether or not such complaints will still come from those who are yet open accounts with the bank. For now Capitec Clients who claim to have been and still are victims of the bank, are threatening to move to other banks if the bank does not reimburse them their lost money.