Jul 21, 2024

Cape Town Taxi Strike | Traders Close Shop


Traders operating in the CBD have called it a day and closed shops due to the ongoing taxi strike in the area. Commuters had to walk to town only to find the CBD closing shops.

Street vendors have decided to close down their stalls, in attempt to avoid the strike headed to town. The taxi operators March to the office of Premier to hand over memo on relation to taxi impoundments. SantaCo has however made promises that the strike will be peaceful and accompanied by Heavey police presence.

Traders however feel the need to pack and go, fearing that the strike might turn violent just as they have in their previous. It is still undisclosed of weather or not private shop owners are open or not. A few injuries have already been reported since the start of the strike. People say they are now concerned as to how they will head back home as busses are now avoiding entering the CBD.