Jun 18, 2024

“Without fans there is no football” | Cape Town City FC players get vaccinated

Cape Town City

The Western Cape government joined Cape Town city players and staff at the city vaccination site, to drive awareness on the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

The government of the Western Cape urges people to get vaccinated as soon as possible, to increase the chances of fans getting back to the stadiums, to once again enjoy the beauty of the game live, and to also save the lives and jobs of thousands of workers in the sports events centers.

“I personally want to see our stadiums filled again. This is the goal for which we must all strive for. The reality is that only if we all get vaccinated as soon as possible, it will be achievable. So, I urge you to get vaccinated not only to save lives, but also to save our summer, our jobs, and our sport.”

Cape Town city FC chairperson John Comitis told the media that “Football has paved the way for the reintroduction of sports during the height of the pandemic. While we followed every protocol in order to accomplish this, we remained active and able to provide a glimpse of hope for South Africa’s return to normalcy. This initiative to vaccinate all players and staff is intended to reassure South Africans, particularly our fans and supporters that the vaccine is safe to take.”

MEC Marais praised the team for using their popularity as iconic sporting role models for so many people in the province, particularly men, to encourage people to get vaccinated.

“I appeal to all members of the public to get their vaccination as soon as possible – the sooner we can reach our vaccination targets, the sooner we can begin safely opening up more of the sectors under our care, particularly the arts and sport industry, to allow us to gradually return to having live audiences at events, This is necessary in order to sustain live events and our sport as a whole.” MEC Marais said.

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