May 27, 2024

Calls For Bheki Cele To Step Down

senzo bheki

Many are now calling for Bheki Cele to step down as minister of police, after the arrest of Advocate Malesela Teffo, who claimed Cele is behind his arrest, also stating on the video that his arrest was unlawful as his rights were not read or given reasons for his arrest.

Adv Teffo alleges that Police Minister Bheki Cele is behind his arrest for being involved in the Senzo Meyiwa trial. Adv Teffo says he has not been read his right, nor informed of his charges. Bheki Cele refused to talk to the media but has made it clear he has no knowledge of the warrant of arrest given out in the name of Advocate Teffo. Cele denies having a hand in the arrest.

Below are a few Quotes extracted from twitter

“Justice for Adv Teffo, Bheki Cele and his SAPS are bullies who are defending Kelly Khumalo.

“Advocate Teffo and Bheki Cele have history.”

“No matter how many people they try & pay off or even try to silence the likes of Adv Teffo. Bheki Cele, Kelly Khumalo, Chicco & CO you all look extremely guilty. SAns are not stupid at all, the rope will eventually snap.”

“A dramatic court day during the Senzo Meyiwa trial ended with the arrest of defence Adv Dan Teffo, who had earlier spoken about a conspiracy involving senior officers and politicians in allegedly contaminating evidence of Meyiwa’s death.”

SAPS are BULLIES . They’ve been sitting with a warrant of arrest for so long & only now they decide to arrest Adv Teffo. They playing politics now. Adv Teffo says Minister Bheki Cele is behind his arrest, he doesn’t want him on this case. Will the Meyiwa family ever find justice.”

Can somebody start a Hashtag that demands; Bheki Cele to step down as Minister of Police?”