Apr 16, 2024

Call to aid victims in Eastern Cape storm.


Human Settlements Deputy Minister, Pamela Tshwete, has directed a team to work with the Eastern Cape provincial department to provide urgent relief to the victims of a storm that destroyed housing structures in various wards of Mhlontlo and King Sabata Local Municipalities.

Hundreds of families were left destitute and six people reported dead after houses collapsed on them during severe storm, about 19 people were also left injured and were transferred to hospital for treatment.

Tshwete said the disaster assessment has thus far revealed that the affected families need assistance with temporary shelter, food, clothes, and blankets.

She called on all South Africans and the business community to extend a helping hand and partner with government in its efforts to provide relief to the affected households.

The deputy minister together with Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane and Human Settlements MEC, Nonceba Kontsiwe visited Xhongorha and Sigubudwini Villages on Monday to assess the extent of the damage following the storm.

Tshwete said,”We are deploying national and provincial teams to urgently assess the damage so that necessary programmes in response to this disaster can take place. We want to bring normality to the lives of people of these areas as quickly as possible,”.

She sent her deepest condolences to the families of the deceased.

“Losing a family member or loved ones always leave a lifetime mark and a wound that takes time to heal. We are a government that cares and will do everything in [our] power to reach those families that need us the most at this time,” Tshwete said.