May 20, 2024

C-Sections mommies requested to keep warm this winter


Nothing prepares you for the pain of a post C-section cough.” Having a baby via c section can take a toll on a woman’s body, most especially during colder days. Mothers have took to social media to share their common cry they are facing during this winter season, which is pain post operation.

“Winter was my favorite season, but after I had a child ka C-section I feel like I give birth just yesterday. And she turning 3 years on July.” Mothers who gave birth via cesarean section, camped on twitter to express on how their scars and abdomen are becoming unbearable with pain since the cold weather season started. Making use of water bottles and wearing up is a priority for the women at the time like this, even though it may have been years since they went under the knife.

Fathers of C-section baby’s have also joined the hashtag in thanking their partners for stating strong, even though they were not well. One father said “She’s almost month now and her brother is now 2 half yrs. Both came ka C-section. I’m doing everything at home to avoid her going up and down. She’s now recovered even not completely.” however its not all positive with people badmouthing the c section way if giving birth, regarding them as not being “real moms.”

“A cesarean section is not a wrong way to give birth & I hope the narrative changes. It doesn’t make you any more or less of a mother. Every time I ask a patient whether their children were birthed vaginally or by c-section, many respond ‘normal’ or ‘naturally’ implying vaginally.”