Jul 21, 2024

Business Malcolm X Pledges R500K for Sbongile Mani

malcolm x

Remember the NSFAS beneficiary Sbongile who Mani accidentally received R14 Million? Malcolm X is in pursuit to put together the R818 000, imprisoned to five years, with possibility of parole after serving one third of the sentence.

Mani was credited an amount of R14 million from NSFAS, she was only supposed to receive R1400 as usual, and instead of reporting it, Mani went on a shopping spree. Judge Olivier rules her sentencing on the basis of misusing the accident funds in only 73 days, blowing R818 000.

Malcolm X has asked fellow entrepreneurs to further donate an amount of R318 000 to add on the R500 000 pledge he has placed on the table, for an immediate release of Mani. Social users say the justice system seem to fail when it comes to the poor, asking questions as to why the person who committed the mistake is not put to action or set to also pay the price.

“Malcolm X aka Business, hereby pledge R500 000 towards the R818 000 that the Walter Sisulu University student, Sbongile Mani, “accidentally” used from the R14M that was “accidentally” transferred to her bank account, provided the payment of this money will lead to her immediate release from prison. I urge responsible entrepreneurs to donate the other R318 000 to round up the R818 000 that she “accidentally” used for herself and other students.” wrote Malcolm

Although many are in favour of her release, some like always say the judge made it clear that she was greedy and not needy, used the funds for alcohol and cigarettes instead of meeting her them needs such as textbooks or helping family back home. Mani made her way in court today holding a bag of extra clothes, unknown as to she knew she was being sent to prison.