May 24, 2024

Brentford Humiliate Arsenal


Arsenal FC where humiliated by the English Premiership rookies Brentford FC. BrentFord FC dominated most of the match and were the better side from the beginning, their efforts were rewarded with a goal in the 22nd minute scored by Canos.

Arsenal didn’t look like a team that is going to improve from last season. They looked lost and didn’t pose any threat to the young team of Brentford, as their performance was poor from the beginning of the match.

Brentford FC continued to dominate the match and went into the half time leading the gunners by one goal. Arsenal in the second didn’t look any better as their defence was poor and their midfield didn’t pose any attacking threat to the opponents. Brentford’s attacking efforts were rewarded with a 2nd goal in the 73 minute through Norgaard strike.

The match ended with a 2 – 0 defeat for the Gunners. Arsenal next take on the UEFA champions league winners Chelsea in the English premiership match.

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