May 27, 2024

Breji | A Dog eaten by crocodile live on camera


Social users went crazy over the dog named Breji, that was eaten by a crocodile live on camera in front of family members, who can be heard crying for the beloved dog.

According to social users Breji the dog has been buried on Saturday 18 June 2022 at Vryburg in the North West, with multiple videos of the dogs playing music and some knocked out with alcohol cans next to them at the apparent Breji’s after party, one can say that South Africans can find humour in anything. On the posters shared it is said the dog belonged to the Anderson family, of which were there crying when the crodile ate Breji.

Some humour texts state that “Breji was a fearless and courageous that we ca can all learn something from, he swam his way into the crocodile’s den despite being called to swim back by the owners, dogs came in numbers to attend the his funeral. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.”