Jun 15, 2024

Breaking News | New Covid-19 Variant Found in South Africa


After many Lockdowns, restrictions, the third wave and the Covid-19 Delta variant traumatizing South Africa, the end is not to be seen anytime soon.

The Delta variant contributed to the increasing of new Covid-19 cases being reported on a daily basis, not forgetting the count of deaths in relation to the virus. A new variant has found its way to South Africa and as expected it contains concerning mutations. The C. 1. 2. variant, seems to be more deadly than the Delta Variant that showered SA for the past three months.

With SA residents being urged by the government and health department to all get vaccinated, they are yet to wait for President Cyril Ramaphosa to address them and inform on the variant outbreak. The scientists are already sending out warnings about the new covid-19 variant, saying the kind of mutations found in the C.1.2 are concerning.

In the meantime while people are going for vaccinations, information of whether or not the current J&J and Pfizer vaccines will be effective to the newly discovered variant are yet to be communicated.

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