Jul 20, 2024

Brave Eunice Makes Mzansi Proud


And just like that, Eunice Nkadimeng makes history by telling big bully Mr Kgomo off, Skeem Saam gave its viewers the ultimate scene they were never expecting. The tables have turned, with the headof hospital Mr Kgomo always making everyone feel small at work, Ms Nkadimeng stopped the bus before it got to its destination. Mr saint was left speechless twice in one day when Eunice told him off and agreed to pay off for all the damages done at his place.

The drama keeps piling up quicker than you could say quick. The party Paxton hosted that brought trouble for everyone, including Eunice, Turfloop high is tense with the girls bitter that Paxton had a theme he did not abide by but worse when he invited a hot girlfriend to flex with. Well the bombshell was with Eunice odering head of hospital to never bring his house affairs to the hospital but it was Meikie Maputla crying that also wowed the viewers. John Maputla took a surprising U turn, suspecting the very same person he was with the night Malita was shot. Could it be that that Maputla was acting out of rage due to the fling he had with Malita or could Meikie be throwing crocodile tears.

However 10 out of 10 for Eunice, the new look is extraordinary. the weaves are on point so is the attitude.  its true when they say money changes people. The sweet Eunice has now turned from 0 to 360, shocking even his very best friend Pretty with how irresponsible Eunice is turning out to be, after she was known to be the one who thinks twice before taking any decision. On the other hand, the Seakamelas are living in fear after Melitas shootings. At this point. They are sure Meikie has turned to a serial killer. nut you know the story is unpredictable, it could be Charles Kunutu, Katlego Peterson, Meikies former cell mate or worse, Kuku Mantcha. The week is getting interesting Babeile has a lot of investigating to do, the Maputlas are just waiting for him to budge through the door with speculations like always.