Jul 20, 2024

Braai Show | Mzansi Not Letting Cassper Breath

Celeb City

Remember how internet came to a stand still when AKA and Cassper Nyovest went back and forth about the Braai show which is now called The Braai Show With Cass. AKA has now won a court case which proved he owned 50% of the show.

Mzansi as always, played detective in gathering up old tweets of the back and forth biggering between the two. Cassper Nyovest on the Other hand went to twitter to say he does not work for AKA, and this was then when the argument took place. The matter was then taken to court which led to today crediting AKA as a 50% shareholder of the braai show. Now curiosity lies with what will happen to the name TheBraaiShowWithCass, and will Cassper still host the show even after this.

On Monday 14 March, AKA made the announcement putting up copies of the court victory, many who were on his side from the beginning also come forward demanding Cassper to explain himself.  The silence from him has been killing AKA’s fans but regardless, it has not stopped them from celebrating with Nadia’s new love.


This is now a confusing scenario that is causing fans battle out on twitter. But the court ruling AKA as the 50% share holder, what happens to the news of an information that stated Cassper Nyovest is the Executive Producer of the Braai show.