May 28, 2024

Bra Dicks Car Wash on Potholes


Bra Dicks Management team work on fixing potholes around Marapyane, priding themselves to “doing good and giving back to the community in any form to the best of their reach”. The team is known for its gratitude by giving back to the community of Marapyane.

“As management of Bra Dicks and team we took it upon ourselves and went out to the streets after having identified a few potholes that needed urgent attention of being filled based on their spot on the road. We need safe roads and the best way to attain that is to take on the process of enforcing better roads as individuals.”

They were able to gather material and equipment reqiured to complete the job, also received donations from community members. The potholed areas filled were located at T-junction from the Complex to Katale square(Next to Panyane Carwash), The potholes next to the Reseviour area and Ethels Corner and between cross roads.

The team have not yet reached all the areas they have wished close up potholes at. Poholes before the Taxi association offices,  still remain but plans to attend to them as well. They are however taking in further donations and request help in closing up more potholes for when they attend to the closing of potholes with dates to be announced on their facebook page.

Bra Dicks Management team has sent out their appreciation to passersby’s who gave motivation while they were at work. They further also sent out thanks to the community member who lent a hand in this initiative. “Dates for the next “Lets Fill The Holes Up” to be communicated on the page.

We are proud of the job well done and say to the community of Marapyane, lets work together in doing great for our community. To the future of Marapyane community!” Community members are happy with the work done by the team, remembering their previous deeds of handing out new school uniforms for learners and covering learning books.