Bolobedu | Initiation school in between Mawa Block 6 and 8 allegedly admits 30+ underage initiates.

Bolobedu initiation

The death of an 8-year old minor who resides in Satlaleng village under Greater Letaba Municipality this week made some shock-waves around Bolobedu.

The 8-year old was diagnosed with epilepsy and the mother of the deceased has revealed that she never consented her child to undergo the traditional practice because he was underage. Furthermore, she said that efforts to free the victim from the school were futile . The deceased death has led to the Mollong based initiation school being closed down by COGHSTA.

This incident has led to more parents coming forward to reveal another initiation based in between Mawa Block 6 and 8 to have admitted 30+ underage boys, the school is believed to be owned by the same person.

According to Limpopo Initiation Schools Act, 2016; Act 6 of 2016; (1) No child under the age of 12 years must be admitted to an initiation school for initiation. (2) No permit holder must admit a minor to an initiation school for initiation without his parent’s or legal guardian’s written consent in the prescribed format. (3) A person above the age of 18 years may voluntarily enroll at an initiation school for initiation.

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