May 27, 2024

Bolobedu | First group of initiates back home.


Parents can now breath a sigh of relief as most initiation schools are releasing initiates following their readiness to manhood. COVID-19 has seen initiation schools being halted for two consecutive years because of the pandemic. The ease of the pandemic’s regulations has led to a large number of applications for this year’s schools in Bolobedu with more than 6000 children being registered.

Resident of Motupa,Mopye and sorrounding areas gathered at Motupa-kgomo primary bus stop, waiting for the return of their children. They were chanting songs, ululations and waving tree leaves to finally welcome their children home after spending a month in the mountain .

This African cultural practice marks the passage for young men to adulthood. Male initiation involves circumcision and also prepares the young men to be responsible members of society.

” At least I will have peace of mind, my son is back home i can’t reveal the excitement you know today I’ve cooked delicious meal for him, ” said jubilant parent who decided to be anonymous. The other group is expected to return home next Saturday.