Jun 15, 2024

Body of a 26-Year-Old Recovered From The Vaal River


After being reported missing for four days, a body of a 26 year old male was retrieved from the Vaal River Villars, by police divers.

On 01 October, lieutenant Colonel Conrad Fouche leading the police divers, found a body of a man after he allegedly went missing on the 27 September. A passer-by herding cattle, came across clothes and a bible that had a name and address. The herder took the bible to the provided details and that’s how the family contacted the police regarding their discovery.

Police attended to the information provided by the family, and found the body near the vaal river, close to where his belongings were found. The family concluded the body to be their missing person, using the clothes and the bible as identification.

They say they did not report him as missing as they thought he was just around Qalabotjha in Villers, shock and terror only came to them once the cattle herder knocked on the door with the belongings belonging to the deceased and the information he brought to them.

A post-mortem for the cause of death will be conducted as soon as possible and a docket of investigation is in-quested. The identification of the deceased and his family has not been released.

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