May 27, 2024
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Black Twitter Reacts to Elon Musk’s Twitter Buy-Out

Black twitter

Black Social Media Users React to Elon Musk’s Twitter Buy-Out: “Black Twitter brings the value to this platform!” On Monday, Elon Musk successfully closed the deal to purchase Twitter Inc. for a whopping $44 billion in cash – officially gaining full and private control over the company which was publicly-owned for years. As this purchase shifts full control of the platform to the world’s richest person, many implications have emerged for social media users, especially #BlackTwitter.

#BlackTwitter, a group of black Twitter users that often influence the platform’s trends, tweets and humour, are among those who are mostly concerned by Elon Musk’s now official purchase of the social media platform. Aside from bringing us all the laughs, cries and feels over the years, #BlackTwitter has also importantly and necessarily highlighted many issues that black people face in certain aspects of their lives.

While Elon Musk’s exact intentions with the platform going forward remain unclear at this point in time, some of his past rhetoric has caused black Twitter users to feel as if though their days on the platform are numbered. This is because Musk has frequently advocated for the emergence of “a free speech utopia” on social media platforms and while this seems harmless at face-value, it also does open up the possibility for unrestrained racism, threats of violence, misinformation and slandering against minority or vulnerable groups.

As such, when #BlackTwitter may try to highlight the political, social or economic issues that black people face in their daily lives, they would most-likely gain no support from the platform and nothing would be put in place to prohibit possible racist-smear campaigns from disrupting the conversations surrounding these issues.

Some users argue that it is the very presence of #BlackTwitter on the platform which has made it valuable enough for Musk to want to buy it in the first place, with one user saying, “Black Twitter ran the value up on all [these] social media”. Another user posed the question, “If Black Twitter ends, pop culture writer’s rooms and white content creators are done for. What will they have to co-opt and regurgitate for entertainment?”

While the impact of #BlackTwitter on the platform is undeniable, it appears as if the movement is not afraid to ditch Twitter for a new platform altogether, with one user tweeting, “@Oprah @TylerPerry Black Twitter may need a new home. Any suggestions?”

Do you think that Elon buying Twitter is a threat to the millions of black twitter users typified by #BlackTwitter, or does his takeover present no true cause for concern?