Jun 15, 2024

Black Motion | Then vs Now Challenge Accepted

black motion

Black motion Murdah Bongz showing South Africa that it is possible to reach the successful stage, when you start from humble beginnings. A post of their then vs now grabbed attention with their journey indicating the possibility of making it without faking it.

From the get go, Black Motion has produced hits that won them multiple awards both local and international. The group hit the entertainment industry as strangers who instantly hit a mark. Their post strongly demonstrated the power of having one vision as a group and not letting fame distracts you from seeing the end of the tunnel.

Celebrities have started a trend of showcasing how they started and where they are now. It started with Boity Thulo and Minnie Dlamini, posting their image when they played sisters on a Ferguson production, and a recent picture where they met at an event.

Now the Black Motion also looks back this Human Rights Day, honouring how they started (in a shack) and where they are in their music career (in their own well built studio). Their story sparks as motivation to the upcoming who are also producing hard work in small shacks, just like King Monada who produced a hit and shocked Mzansi when they saw his studio. Dreams are meant to be brought to reality.