May 24, 2024

Black Friday Deals | A Slap In The Face

Black Friday

This year’s Black Friday is a total joke, a knock off and a huge slap in the face. Black Friday is meant for up to 50% off on products but nope it’s the usual saving deals we have seen all year long.

This Friday 26 November 2021, has been set for black Friday deals where thousands will flock into stores hoping to get the best deals on products. Just like the July unrest, people have their eyes set on televisions and other electronics, food is not ‘a must go for” anymore because honestly, these stored have put up the same sale prices we have been seeing all year.

Okay well necessities such as toilet papers can still be seen as a bargain this Friday because the price of the toilet papers has been increasing and it has proved to be a need and not a want. These are tough times for many, I mean come to remember we were not only affected by covid-19 which led to numerous retrenchments but also the unrest that cut jobs and businesses, not forgetting the increasing of tax.

Well okay tax will increase here and there, however this means more cents or rands deducted from your wage and you will still have to add more rand coins to that grocery list. Now how is it not a slap in the face after such financial torture to your hard-earned money only to find that this black Friday they only helping you save R5 if you purchase two bottles of Mayonnaise for that festive salad. That is why we shopping this Friday after all right? To get an affordable deal for those December meals.

It is sad how people will quarrel at malls and flood the stores just because they see a was and now offer on the sign. If you compare the prices, I think you can agree that there’s nothing black about this Friday. But regardless of the ridiculousness of it, some stores are planning to offer fair prices to their customers, deals which will make sense.

Don’t expect a 50% off that you see written in bold Black or Red, if you read carefully it says “up to 50% off” therefore it means you should even expect a 3% off, it is still a percent off. Shop well this Friday check the deals prior to the day and only go for the things you need and not desire out of lust. That 50 inch television can wait, your 32 inch still functions well right unless you need an upgrade, nowadays we looking at TVs and refrigerators that can talk back and make use of the internet.