Jun 15, 2024

Billie Eiish, the first youngest solo artist to headline Glastonbury Festival


The Glastonbury festival revealed its first line-up poster for 2022, officially announcing Billie Eiish as the first headliner for the 2022 Glastonbury Festival.

The 19-year-old pop icon teased the news on her Instagram, where she posed grinning in a Glastonbury hoodie, captioned “2022”. Glastonbury organizer, Emily Eavis, confirmed the booking and said the 19-year-old would be the youngest solo headliner in the history of Glastonbury festivals. “This feels like the perfect way for us to return and I cannot wait!”

Billie will be 20 years and six months old when she headlines  the festival next June, just three months older than Mark Hamilton of the Northern Irish band Ash when they headlined in 1997, this making her the youngest solo artist ever to headline Glastonbury festival, not forgetting her being the first female headliner since Adele in 2016.

Billie made her first Glastonbury debut in 2019, where she got to perform on the other stage, Dressed in a Stella McCartney outfit, the singer treated crowds to a string of tracks, such as Bad Guy, All The Good Girls Go To Hell, and You Should See Me In A Crown, she bounded around the stage as fans sang back every word of songs.

Eilish’s first appearance at Glastonbury in 2019 was praised as a triumph by critics, a once-in-a-generation show by NME, a mesmerizing and life-affirming performance by Variety. Glastonbury organizer, Emily Eavis, who made a point of watching Billie at the side of the stage in 2019, said she “couldn’t be happier” to welcome the star back to Worthy Farm.

Glastonbury organizers hope this upcoming festival will be a successful comeback after Covid-19 led to the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 events. Billie Eilish also made headlines this Last week as she was among the high-profile stars taking to the red carpet for the premiere of the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, for which she wrote the theme song.

And on weekend, she was among those who protested the state’s near-total abortion laws in Texas, which bans terminations at six weeks once the embryonic cardiac activity is detected. “I’m sick and tired of old men,” Eilish told the crowd at Austin City Limits on 2 October. “Shut the fuck up about our bodies.

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