Apr 18, 2024

Bible Written in Khelobedu set to Launch soon


Khelobedu language Bible is set to launch in the next few months. On Monday 25 October 2021, the Bible Society Of South Africa in collaboration with Balobedu culture custodians, held the “Khelobedu Bible Translation Project” in Ga-Kgapane Community Hall.

The Bible project is set to be concluded in the next few months, this comes after the Balobedu nation has been calling on the government to recognise Khelobedu as one of South Africa’s official language following the Queenship recognition in March 2016 after the findings of Commission on Traditional Leadership Disputes and Claims (CTLDC)concluded the Queenship as the first in the country.

The Spokesperson of “Hands-Off Masalanabo Campaign” said that  “as Khelobedu is going to be an official language, we have to make sure that we have enough library and develop Khelobedu further , as Sepedi,Sesotho and Isizulu has it’s own bible , we have realized that the bible is a common thing that is being used by many, we must make sure that things like bibles and books are available in our own Khelobedu language”

The African National Congress Member of Parliament and custodian of Balobedu Dr Mathole Motshekga, has added by revealing that the project will lead the government to recognize Khelobedu as an official language .

The recognition of Khelobedu language will be part of the agenda in parliament, when it opens in November. There’s also new projects  set to take in Bolobedu that will be spear-headed by Queen Masalanabo, namely a hotel will be built in Modjadjiskloof under the Queen Mokope Modjadji V fund, that is currently under Queen Masalanabo VII.