May 24, 2024

Bhisho High School Learner Commits Suicide Due To Bullying


A grade 10 learner at Bhisho high school commited suicide after allegedly being bullied by the teacher and learners for having a spiritual calling, being called a witch.

Lathitha Nako who was a grade 10 learner at Bhisho high school in the Eastern Cape province, allegedly took her own life, after experiencing bullying incidents at school by a teacher and peers who called her a witch for having ancestral calling.

The Eastern Cape department of education issued a statement on Sunday related to the matter, the department of education stated that they have assembled a team to visit the school which will investigate the cause of the death and offer psycological support to the learners.

Department of education further stated that the team will consist of specialists that will train and assist the learners with ways of how to deal with bullying and peer pressure. The team will also run programmes that will teach the learners how to cope under pressure and report bullying. The department of education have also arranged a meeting with parents to educate them in the related matter.

On Sunday the Eastern Cape department of education visited the Nako family to pass their condolences, the department stated that the matter will be investigated and further details will be communicated later on.



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