Jul 20, 2024

Bheki Cele Visits Diepsloot Mob Justice Victims Family

bheki cele

It was reported in the early hours of 07 April 2022, a Zimbabwean man was killed by mob justice in Diepsloot, after he fled for his life. Police Minister Bheki Cele has made his way to pay a visit at the victims home.

“Things could be better, we managed to walk around and promised to bring 16 more cars and they just need to be branded” Minister Bheki Cele informed the media on the recent updates of the scenario is Diepsloot, he said things would be better. Surrounded by residents of the area, say they are tired of talk and demand to see more arrests being made.

Cele visited the site where Elvis was burnt to death. Community members say his visit does not ensure their safety as they still have to fear. Blamed were also sent to the councilor who they say should have taken action and assisted when they first reported the situation.

Cele said they will reopen the cold cases to bring satisfaction to the communities cry. He however could not confirm if the arrest of 7 Undocumented immigrants, are links to the killings of Diepsloot Community members.

In closing, residents say Elvis killing is not what they tolerate or expect to see but rather have Amaberete be appointed and replace the current SAPS who they feel are not working to keep their community safe but pockets filled.