May 20, 2024

Benoni informal settlements set ablaze

Benoni Fire

“Around 30 firefighters from five different stations are fighting the fire that engulfed around 600 informal structures in Brentwood Park, Benoni, in the early hours of this morning.” read an announcement from city of Ekurhuleni

Brentwood Park suffered multiple blaze at their informal settlement burning down over 600 shacks. Only one person was reported injured and transported to the nearest hospital while over 1 400 people are left with no place. The fire was contained by firefighters who were on scene till the sunrise. The cause of the fire is being investigated.

However resident nearby are speculating the cause of fire may be due to the recent weather as such destructions are very common during winter season. Resident occupying informal residents are encouraged to avoid starting fires in closed areas and sleeping with candle light or any other form of fires up. with over 600 shacks down, about 1 400 people are left displaced in this cold weather.