Jun 15, 2024

Bathroom Talk | Morning Session with Somizi Mhlongo

Somizi Mhlongo

Somizi Mhlongo pulls Mzansi to his bathroom for a 5 minute talk session about trending news and how “hypocritical” South Africans are. SomGee gives his piece about Khanyi Mbau’s sex scene on The Wife, including the MamKhize’s appearance at Zolas.

The famous TV personnel shared his view on the sex scene and is disappointed at how Mzansi found the scene unnecessary and only had negative things to say. He emphasises on how as SA we are not proud of the extraordinary work of one of our own. He says we praise and support when the likes of Jennifer Lopez to name a few, produce sex scenes but have the time to say negative things when is originally South African. He says he’s proud of Khanyi Mbau and the growth she has shown throughout her acting career.

Reprimanding did not end there, he moved from Khanyi to MamKhize and Zola. Somizi Mhlongo says people will always have a problem, you help they complain you don’t help they complain if you do it privately they have a problem even when you share with the world they shoot you with tweets.

He closed his mini morning home made talk show with urging that if Zola is indeed in need to help, he should say so and show it, if so help could come properly, he said it will not be of use to help if he does not need help using the stubborn donkey as an example saying you cannot force someone to drink the water even if you forced them to the river. He promised this won’t be first nor last mini talk show in his bathroom, and as much as its a rub to an open wound, many things he said were true. Somizi is known for being a straight talker and not beat around the bush.